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T'shuvah Task Force - Creating a Community Covenant.


Dear CBI Congregant, The CBI T'shuvah Task Force is requesting your assistance in crafting a COMMUNITY COVENANT (a Brit Kehillah). While we have received many good suggestions from those who have met with us, we are hopeful that more of our community will participate in the process of developing a covenant that will guide us as we fulfill our responsibility to build a community of love and care. In addition to completing the form below, please feel free to add any additional comments that you think would be helpful to the process. This form can be completed on line, or a hard copy can be returned to the Temple office by mail or during regular business hours.

For each Jewish value, three responses are requested:

a = I see this value expressed at CBI (positive example)...

b = I see this value violated at CBI (negative example)...

c = the ways I would like to see this value expressed (construction suggestion)...

Example: COMPASSION (rachamim) a. The Caring and Sharing Committee provides a reception after a memorial service. b. Someone makes fun of another person's mistake. c. Members send a text, card, or make a phone call to someone on the Mi Shebeirach list to let them know they are remembered and cared for.

Jewish Values Supporting the CBI Community Covenant (Brit Kehillah)

Holiness (k'dushah) - CBI welcomes all who wish to engage with our sacred community

Honesty (yosher) - CBI expects all in our community to conduct themselves in an honest manner

Honor (kavod) - CBI values acting with integrity

Compassion (rachamim) - CBI embraces the fundamental value of performing acts of loving kindness

Justice (tzedek) - CBI believes everyone entering our sacred space has the right to feel safe

and respected, and that we are morally and ethically responsible for one another


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